Using Lughol’s Iodine to Kill Candida

My battle to beat the candida was undermined when I had to take antibiotics recently and then my will power weakened this summer in the hot weather.  I have to confess to 2 x small ice-creams and one small fruit juice and now the candida is back with vengeance.  That didn’t seem a lot of sugar over a week but the candida was delighted!  But I’ve also had a LOT of stress.  Bad combination.

Now I have bloating, stomach ache, tiredness, brain fog, depression and constipation.  Oh great!  I alleviated the bloating and discomfort overnight with a tablespoon of colloidol silver 10ppm.

But today I need to get serious.  Its affecting my sleep and my work.  I’m avoiding sugar and I’m increasing my anti-candida regime as follows:-

  • 6 drops of Lughol’s iodine spread over the day.  I usually take 4 drops in some water each evening normally but that’s because there is a history of breast cancer in my family.  So I take it as I believe it helps to reduce the risk. But I’m increasing it to 6 drops from today.   I’ll split the dose into two and spread it over the day.  It also helps reduce my dizziness which is great. Lughol’s iodine is amazing.  It’s anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral and it breaks down the bio-film which covers and protects candida. It supports the immune system and the thyroid gland.
  • I’m drinking the entersogel drink each day and I’m taking a new anti-candida remedy which has excellent reviews.  I know my immune system crashes when I’ve got candida and stress so I’m going to take  cider apple vinegar drink each day too.   I think I will see how I get on before adding anything else as I dont want to experience serious die-off.  If you have candida and you havent tried anything yet to get rid of it I would strongly recommend introducing anti-fungals slowly over a period of a week or so.  I usually cut out sugar and then wait 3-4 days then introduce an anti-fungal and then after a few days introduce other remedies to give your body time to adjust.   But I take probiotics every day of course.

If you can’t find the products in your local health store here are some links to Amazon

By the way I get asked a lot of about the cider apple vinegar that I use.  It must be organic and with ‘mother’.  I personally like the Biona brand but I don’t know if its available in the USA but there must be an equivalent.  If anyone can recommend a similar product for sale in the USA please let me know and I’ll update my links here to help people find it.

Biona Organic Cider Vinegar (with Mother)


Sending you all love and light.  Hope you’re all doing better than me!


Katie xx

Oh no – Got to take a course of antibiotics = more candida

So I thought I was doing ok with my anti-candida diet and taking anti-candida remedies plus the Enterosgel.   But along came a bad infection and I was forced to take antibiotics.  I am so disappointed as I know the candida will love this development. In previous years I’ve had major problems with candida after taking antibiotics despite taking probiotics.

So this battle with candida feels like its turned into a full-blown war.  Here is what I am taking in a bid to win:-

  • probiotics twice a day (at different times to the antibiotics)
  • amounts of shop-bought kefir each day.  I can’t drink lots as there is sugar in it
  • Golden seal to kill bad bugs
  • Anti-candida remedy
  • Entersogel once a day

Each day I feel that I am battling against digestive issues but hopefully this approach will help me to win the battle.

Learning more about gut health to beat candida

Many people have candida once or twice in their lives and they get rid of it successfully by following a strict anti-candida diet (to starve the candida but not yourself) and anti-fungal remedies.  But if the candida keeps returning then its important to try to figure out why.  For me I think it’s a gut imbalance and I am interested to know why.  I’m learning about the gut and how it works and I’ve found this amazing gut lady called Giulia Enders!  I wanted to share her Ted talk as I think she’s so charming and interesting.

If you can share any information about gut health and candida please use the comments feature to let me know!

Enterosgel Review – Skin Allergies Improved!

JuneI’m so pleased that summer has arrived!  My general wellbeing seems to improve from more sunshine and fresh air.   But if you saw my last blog you would know that I think the candida has returned and I am also suffering from digestive issues and itchy skin.  The latter has been keeping me up at night and the only cream which helps is Sudacrem.  It was getting unbearable.

So I’ve started to take the Enterosgel by drinking one tablespoon mixed with a large glass of water once every other day.   Within a week my itchy skin has improved massively!  The area of skin which was affected was increasing.  But now its virtually gone!  I’m so pleased.  So I guess the Enterosgel is removing the toxins or bad bacteria from my gut which were causing the allergy.   I’ve found research that Enterosgel is a non-toxic sorbent which also helps remove candida which may have been responsible for the itchy skin.

But I’m still suffering from digestive issues (wind) and a sluggish digestive system.  It has improved a lot but I’m not better yet.  I firmly believe that you need to go to the toilet at least once a day (bowl movement) especially if you suffer from candida.   It can thrive if you have constipation so please make sure you eat enough fibre to keep things moving.  I take Milk of Magnesia if this doesn’t work.   I take a spoonful before bed and it’s very gentle.  It works overnight so that you should hopefully have a bowel movement the next day.

Here’s a link if you can’t find it in your local store.

Regular readers will know I am a big fan of muscle testing (kinesiology) to determine which remedies I need to take.  You can also use  it to determine if you should eat or drink certain foods.  To find out more please click this link to go to my main website.  I asked a friend to muscle test me for various homeopathy and natural remedies that I had in the cupboard.   I love Dr Reckeweig and through muscle testing we determined that I do not have a virus or bacteria infection at present.  This was important as I am prone to infections and they can mimic the symptoms of candida.  We used sugar to test if I can eat it.  I figure if the muscle testing says “No” then I still have candida.   Unfortunately it was a resounding ‘no’ as my arm was really weak during testing.   I think I was secretly hoping that the amazing enterosgel would remove the candida and the occasional cookie wouldn’t harm!  So now I’m cutting out sugar completely.  I was only having the 2-3 plain biscuits per day but that needs to stop.   I also eat a lot of carbs so again I’m cutting back.  I need to lose some weight anyway.

I am a bit disappointed as I have been taking capryllic acid for some time now but I suspect that the strain of candida has become resistant to it.  It is important to rotate different remedies.  So my anti-candida regime continues. I am going to increase the dosage of Enterosgel to one per day.  It does say you can take up to 3 tablespoons per day but I prefer to keep my dosage of everything on the lower side and then build up.  I would love to hear from you so please leave any comments below.

Get rid of candida & bad gut bacteria with Enterosgel



If you’ve followed my blog over the years you will know I have suffered from candida and other gut related problems. Along the journey I have found some great products and plenty of useless ones too! I want to share with you today one of the best ones that I have found for digestive problems. I have used it when suffering from diarrhea, digestive issues and candida.

Its called Enterosgel and it works by binding to the bad bacteria and candida in your gut and removing them naturally. Its an opaque gel like substance that you mix in a glass of water.  It doesn’t taste of anything really but you can tell it’s in the water if that makes sense.  You need to stir it well.  I take it once a day as it takes up to 12hrs to pass through your system.  It is made from 70% polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate and 30% purified water.   This formula is a safe sorbent which is used for detox.

It helps to cleanse viruses, toxins, allergens and pathogens from the gut.  It also helps with allergies! It is clinically proven to stop diarrhoea, reduce and prevent allergic and toxic reactions. I wish I had known about this product years ago! It protects intestinal wall, normalises gut microflora and helps to detoxify the body.   If you want to learn more about how it works then click here to read more on Wikipedia.  And if this link makes sense to you please come back and explain it to me! 😉

If you can’t find it in  your local drugstore then this link takes you to Amazon who sell it.


I also found this information which explains more about Enterosgel:

When passing through the digestive tract, Enterosgel binds toxic substances e.g. bacteria and bacterial toxins, antigens, food allergens, medicaments and their by-products as well as alcohol, and removes them via bowel movements.  Enterosgel also binds some metabolic products, including excessive quantities of bilirubin, urea, cholesterol, and lipid complexes.

Enterosgel does not reduce absorption of vitamins and helps to restore the diminished natural gut microflora. It does not affect the intestinal peristaltic activity (this is the normal gut muscle movement which ensures the waste moves out of your body).

Enterosgel destroys pathogenic microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and binds the following pathogens: Salmonellas, Shigellae, Klebsiellae and other gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms and Candida. Enterosgel does not reduce the normal gut microflora. The selective effect of Enterosgel on microflora is due to the fact that, unlike the pathogenic microflora, the normal microflora has high affinity to the intestinal mucosa and thus adheres to it firmly. As a result of electrostatic interaction with Enterosgel, pathogenic microflora is destroyed, while its particles are bound on the sorbent surface.

Enterosgel binds and eliminates viruses (rotaviruses, cytomegaloviruses and others).

Enterosgel also eliminates allergens. Incomplete allergens are totally adsorbed by the porous structure of Enterosgel. Complete allergens are adsorbed by Enterosgel, which provides their elimination from the digestive tract and reduces the potential allergic effects on the body.

So all in all this product is definitely worth a try if you are suffering from gut problems including candida.  I don’t know if it will remove all candida but I’m going to try it myself.

By the way if you have diarrhea then in my experience it doesn’t act immediately.  But I certainly felt an improvement within a day or two.  I thinke anti-diarrhea tablets just keep the toxins in the body but this product binds them and you will expel them naturally in your next bowl movement.  I also use it when I feel bloating or other digestive clues that all is not well in my gut. And I’ve got a LOT of clues right now!  So for now I am taking this product every day to try to sort out my gut issues.  I will know if it’s working as I have a lot of symptoms right now including bloating, wind, eczema, itchy skin etc..



Is Gut Dysbiosis is the cause of my health problems?

Well after years of being free from candida I think it’s back. Major long term stress, over work, lack of fresh air and exercise and antibiotics have created the perfect breeding ground for candida I think. But I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve been 100% fit and healthy in the intervening years. I’ve noticed that I am prone to gut issues and eczema, sinus issues, anxiety and occasional digestive issues. I really think there is a common denominator which is gut dybiosis. It doesn’t take a lot to trigger a health problem and I believe that there is an on-going imbalance of bacteria in my gut.

I have been trying different ways to improve my gut balance and so far I’m not doing that great. I will be documenting my efforts in the hope that it helps someone else. I would really like to hear from anyone who has a similar problem or has any information on this topic. I am determined to achieve a better gut health as I firmly believe that our immune system, physical health and mental well-being are directly affected by our gut bacteria.

Katie Beat Candida Blog is back!

Hi everyone!  I know its been a long time but my blog was hacked and its taken me forever to get it back up.   Thanks to everyone who messaged me with kind words and suggestions.  I really appreciate it!  So for now the main website and blog is up and running!  There are a TON of tweaks I need to do so forgive me if it doesnt look right and if some links dont work.  I plan to incorporate it into one main website but at least all the candida information is now available again.

Just as an aside, my life has become really stressful again and I think the candida is back so I will be online soon to explain how I’m tackling it.  This time around I’ve got different products to try and some great ideas which may hopefully help other candida sufferers.

Please keep in touch as I love your messages!


Katie xxx

Iodine Kills Candida

Tuesday 16th February 2016

Hi!  If you are a regular reader of my blog and website you will already know that I beat systemic candida years ago. You can read more at About Me.  But I know a lot of people are not so fortunate so I keep this blog and website going in order to help others.

Recently I was made aware that iodine deficiency is quite common and interestingly iodine kills off candida. It is estimated that a lot of people are suffering from the effects of low iodine which can lead to hypothyroidism. Iodine is essential for a healthy thyroid so if you are not eating enough iodine (or not absorbing enough due to low stomach acid) then it makes sense that your thyroid could be affected. I am also interested in iodine as I know that it has been linked with helping to prevent breast cancer which has affected some of my family members.

Here are some of the symptoms that you may encounter if you have low levels of iodine:-

  • feeling cold
  • constipation
  • weight gain (iodine helps to balance your metabolism)
  • dry skin
  • hair loss or coarse dry hair
  • weakness
  • muscle aches
  • depression
  • fatigue

Now I know these symptoms are vague and could be attributed to many other causes.  But for me the dry skin was getting a real problem.  I noticed my skin was looking prematurely aged and would get so dry it would be itchy.  I started to buy special moisturizers for dry skin and experimented with bath oils.  But nothing was really helping.

Then I heard about the DIY Iodine Patch test so I decided to try it out.   You will need some iodine and I bought a brand that was recommended to me. Here is the link if you are interested >Iodine Supplement

Here is a simple video which shows you how to perform this test.

All I did was paint a medium sized patch (about 7cms square) on my stomach.   The iodine is dark brown but looked orange on my skin.  You need to check the square over the next 24hrs to see your skin absorbs the iodine.   Be sure to apply to clean skin and obviously don’t wash the skin until the test is complete.  If the orange disappears the theory is that you may be deficient.

I have been taking 4 drops of iodine twice a day.  I used muscle testing to work out the dose and I can tell by my skin if I forget to take it.   Don’t forget that tests also show it kills off candida so it is worth checking out for many reasons.

Love & light

Katie xx

Benefits of Eating Seasonally to Beat Candida

Monday 12th October 2015
beat candida with seasonal foodOne of the biggest problems with beating candida is sticking to the anti-candida diet. The most common question that I get asked via email is “Did you really stick to the diet?”. The answer is a resounding “yes!”.  I was desperate to get better and I was getting to the point where I would have tried almost anything to regain my health  (By the way if you are struggling check out my main website pages which have plenty of tips for following the anti-candida diet including little ‘cheats’ to keep you sane! > main candida site)

beating candida with seasonal vegOne of the best ways of sticking to the anti-candida diet is to plan your meals (VERY important) and to eat vary your food by eating seasonally. I still aim to eat seasonally even though the candida has long gone. But I am always a tiny bit worried that it may return so I try to maintain good health. So I was interested to read an update today on Dr Mercola’s website about the health benefits of eating seasonally. Not only does it introduce variety into your diet but it also has nutritional benefits too. > read Dr Mercola’s Fabulous Fall Foods

Dr Mercola explains the benefits of many of the vegetables available now which is great news for anyone following the candida diet.  All I need to do now is learn how to find some tasty recipes and learn how to use my new soup maker!

One word of caution though. One of the best Fall foods are apples.  Now I did eat an apple per day when I was on the anti-candida diet.  But I dont think you should over do it fruit-wise.   Why did I eat apples?   Well if you have followed my blog over the years you will know that I followed the instructions of my Naturopath.  He felt strongly that one of the biggest barriers to getting rid of candida is constipation.  The candida is mostly in the gut and it needs to be disposed of.  If you are not using the toilet regularly then the candida stays in your body and grows stronger.  So for me the solution was a daily apple which helped to keep me regular and the candida was eventually beaten.  I do get occasional emails from candida sufferers who don’t seem to believe that I got better eating a daily apple.  Well I did!  Some of them can be quite irate so I daren’t tell them that I also use to eat peanut butter!  I didn’t know it was regarded as a ‘banned’ food for candida sufferers.  All I can think now is that my overall regime was effective at destroying the candida and the occasional apple or peanut butter didn’t not impact upon this.

If you are suffering from candida please read my main candida website which I put together to help people.


Katie xx

Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder Naturally

Monday 21st September 2015
Natural treatment SAD

I wanted to do a post about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this Autumn (Fall) as my regular readers will know that in the past I’ve really struggled with the change in seasons at this time of the year.  So many of my friends enjoy the changing seasons and I am trying very hard this year to do the same.  I just love the warmth and light of the summer months. Plus I love the colors of the flowers.

In previous years I have tried many different treatments and I wanted to share the ones that worked best in case it helps someone else.   I personally think that many candida sufferers are prone to SAD syndrome.  I don’t know why but perhaps because having candida can affect our wellbeing so we are already feeling low?

Here are my personal tips in order of importance.

1. Daily walks
autumnal walkI think this works the best. Even if the weather is dark and depression, put on some waterproof clothing and get walking. I used to dread the walks as even the thought of walking through my nearby woods in winter was depressing.  I remember thinking “Oh but everything will be dark and dead and its so depressing…”. Luckily I was wrong!   I enjoyed the fresh air and there are still plenty of birds and squirrels around in our local woods.  I have also started to take along my camera which has helped me to look for the beauty even in the depths of winter.  And I do appreciate that if you are feeling unwell that you may not have the energy to take a long walk.  But if possible try sitting outside in the fresh air as that also helps a lot.

2. 5htp

This is a natural remedy which helps to ward off depression and aids better sleep. You need to take it about 3 months before it really starts to work apparently although I think it works much faster. So do not be put off if you think its too late to start taking it this year.  I felt a benefit within a week or two.  It helps to boost serotonin.  I took one tablet before bed.  It definitely helped my mood and helped me to sleep better too.  I haven’t started to take it this year as I feeling better with the regular walks.  I hope I won’t regret not taking it!  I have a pot
of 5htp in the cupboard if I do feel myself getting worse.  One of my friends takes it through out the year as she prone to depression and low moods.  She thinks its brilliant as it doesn’t have any side effects unlike prescription drugs.


3. SAD Light Boxes
I bought a portable SAD light box last year and initially I loved it. But I made the mistake of using it too much. I didn’t know that you are supposed to use it for only 30 mins per day!   I had it on in my home office for hours.  In the end I started to feel ill (which could be coincidence) and I stopped using it.  What an idiot!  Now I ensure that I have plenty of normal bright lighting in my office and that seems to help on dull days.  Personally I think my first suggestion of Daily Walks is cheaper and more effective that a SAD light box. But if you can’t get out then you could try one. Some of my friends swear by their light boxes so I will trying mine again this winter but this time with a sensible time limit!

4. Take Vitamin D3
This is a supplement which many people should take especially in the Autumn and Winter months. I live in the UK where the weather can be variable even in the summer.  So I tend to take vitamin D3 almost all year.  I don’t take it on bright summer days when I know I can get outside in the sunshine.   I’ve noticed that my general health has improved since taking this so I am really pleased.   I take 5,000 iu per day.  I am not a medical expert so I am going to link here to an excellent article by Dr Mercola which explains the benefits of Vitamin D3



5. Make the Best of Each Season
This is the one I struggle with but I am trying my best!  Instead of being sad at the sight of my favorite swallows disappearing on their autumnal migration to Africa, I am trying to focus on more positive aspects of the season.  For me this has included going blackberry picking, storing apples, buying beautiful Autumnal flowers for the house and digging out favourite winter woollies. What are your favourite Autumn (or Fall) activities?

I hope my suggestions help you.   If you have any additional suggestions to help others then please use the comment box below.    And one last thing, if you are really struggling then please go and see your doctor.