For those of you who have followed my story over the years it will be no surprise to hear that although I havent had candida now for many years it is always a concern that it may return.  For most of the time this concern is so buried at the back of my mind that I completely forget about it and get on with my busy life.  I eat and drink whatever I want and I just try to keep my stress levels down and be sensible.

But every now and again the fear of the candida returning comes back.  Recently I have had a very stressful time with factors outside of my control causing most of the worry. I’ve also been working far too hard (no change there!) and got run down.  So when I came down with a bug I wasnt surprised.  But I was surprised that my usual attack of echinacea, zinc and even colloidiol silver (10ppm) didnt have any effect.  In fact I’ve been so ill that I’ve ended up going to the docs for super powerful antibiotics.  I hate taking these things as I know they can kill good bcateria too which can lead to candida.  But I was so ill I didnt have a choice.  But when I read the leaflet which came with them it clearly stated that nutritional supplements could have an adverse effect on this medication.  So I decided to take a break from my normal supplements while I got better.  Mmm was this a mistake?  Probably.

So I’ve finished the treatment and I am getting better.  But I feel weak and tired.  I am taking my probiotics and a good quality anti fungal but something’s not right…

Last night for some weird reason I decided to check my tongue.  Dont ask me why!  I’ve never done this before so I dont know what it looked like when I had candida.  But last night and today my tongue looks gross!  Sort of furry with yellowy-white covering.  Yuck!  I am sure its normally pink but I dont check my tongue so how do I know this?!  Anyway  I rushed to my study to pick up a book called You Are What You Eat: by Gillian McKeith.  I love this book as its so simple to follow.  I remembered Gillian explains what different parts of the tongue represent and how it should look.  I looked up ‘white furry coated tongue’ and was alarmed to see that Gillian believes that this may indicate mucus in the body and raised yeast levels. Does anyone else know about the state of the tongue and what it may represent?

Anyway today I am starting to feel rather concerned.  My aim now is to rebuild my immunity and strength while avoiding sugar and yeast.  I need to look back over my website and learn from my own experiences!  I wrote it all down to help people like you but now I need the info too!

love and light

Katie xx