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How to Treat Candida & Yeast Infections

If you are looking for help with candida (also called candidasis or yeast infection) then this site is here to help you.  I'm not selling a miracle cure as none of them worked for me. I beat systemic candida and now I offer the benefit of my experiences to help others.  I'm not a medical expert so I cannot offer advice but I can share my own experience and share tips that worked for me.
My Candida Story (Summary)
I suffered from a serious systemic candida overgrowth (yeast infection) on-off for over a decade.  It nearly ruined my life.  I kept being told I had irritable bowel syndrome and I just had to put up with it. 

Luckily I heard about candida and I slowly learnt how to treat the candida and I am now 100% healthy.  I recorded my progress on a blog at Katie Beats Candida.  

Over the years I tried many so-called 'cures' with no  success.  I did a LOT of research and eventually my health improved and I stopped the candida returning. 

If you keep getting candida or yeast infections then I hope my experiences and advice can help you to break the cycle.  Please don't ever give up!   If you are feeling negative you must read Feeling Low and Affirmations page and watch Louise Hay's video.   Also check out Your Stories for more examples of people who have beaten this illness.  This is new and I will be adding more stories soon.  If you want to add your story to help others drop me a line.

Where to Start
I suggest that you start with the My Approach page which outlines my own candida story and my personal philosophy on how to beat candida. 

I must stress that I am not a medical person so I can only tell you what worked for me and there is no guarantee what my own approach will work for you.   But I hope that if you or a loved one are suffering from candida then you will find plenty of useful information and tips in this website.  

Why I Created This Site
I never imagined how popular my candida blog would become and I've had emails from candida sufferers from all over the world.   It's shocking how prevalent this illness has become.  As my candida blog grew so it became harder for people to find the specific candida information that they needed within it. So I decided to put everything I had learnt about candida and how to treat this awful condition on one website.  Its taken a long time and a lot of work but here it is!  I really hope that you find the information useful.  By the way I am continuing to improve the site and I've still got tons more info to add so bear with me!

Give Your Health Practitioner A Chance
I think that everyone who believes they are suffering from candida needs to get checked out by their Health Practitioner first just in case it is something else causing your ill health.  Please don't take chances with your health.  You may even be lucky enough to have a health practitioner who recognises candida as an illness and can help you. My Physician does not recognise candida at all which was very frustrating and sadly very common.  If yours cannot help then at least ask them to test to ensure that your symptoms are not caused by any other ailment or condition.  You may also find a qualified holistic therapist who is able to help you.

On a Positive Note :)
I've been free of candida for years now.  Or more accurately, my candida / yeast levels are now low and stay that way, as they should for everyone as we all have low levels of candida.  I never thought I would be able to eat or drink sweet things again but I can and I do!  I hope that my journey to recovery will help others to realise that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. 

By the way I am not here to push a particular candida product or anti fungal supplement.  If you read my blog you will see that I don't think there is one 'super' candida product or treatment that is the answer to everyone's prayers. I despair of all the websites which try to tell you that their anti-candida product is the 'best'.  I've wasted a lot of money trying out different candida products and I want to try to avoid that happening to you.

I would like to hear your feedback about this site as its taken me a long time and its a constant 'work in progress!'.  You can email me at beatcandidayeastinfections@hotmail.com or find me on Twitter or Facebook.

Wishing you a healthy and happy future

Katie xx

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