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Anti Candida Diet (Page 1 of 3)

The first step of beating candida is to start the Anti-Candida Diet which is normally followed for 8 weeks.  But I must stress that you are unlikely to get better just by doing the diet alone.  You must take an anti-fungal treatment, plus an excellent probiotic and you need to consider the possible causes of your candida.

Let's get the bad news out of the way and go through the foods to avoid and then we'll move onto Little Ways to Cheat followed by Foods to Eat

Please bear in mind that this is my own personal list.  If you have severe candida you are likely to have food intolerances too which you need to get indentified ideally by a health specialist.  If you don't have access to someone trained who can help you check out my kinesiology page.

Food To Avoid
All sugars
Most fruit (except lemons)
All alcohol
Dried fruit
Mature cheese (with mold)
Smoked meat

You also need to limit your carbohydrate intake especially potatoes and corn.  The good news is that you may to lose a few pounds on this diet!

You need to start reading labels on food and be prepared to cook some meals from scratch.  I know some of you are just thinking that you want to get this diet out of the way and get better so you can go back to eating all the junk that you used to eat before.  But I am hoping that you will find a new healthier way of eating that you actually enjoy.  Of course no one wants to stay on the anti candida diet forever but I found that my tastebuds seemed to change and after I was better some of the foods I previously enjoyed seemed very strong.  Like certain chips (crisps) for example.  Now I enjoy a healthier diet and I feel better and slimmer for it.

Ok now go to click to read my tips for working around all this and making sure you have plenty of tasty food to eat all day long!

> click to read Little Ways to Cheat - Anti Candida Diet Page 3

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Worried about what to eat on the candida diet? I used Barbara Cousin's Cooking Made Easy Without Gluten, Sugar, Yeast or Dairy recipes


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