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Anti Candida Diet (Page 2)

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Little Ways To Cheat!
Now I have to say that if you cheat big time on this diet all you are doing is cheating yourself.   I did it and I suffered big time with a bad stomach so I learnt quickly not to cheat! Besides I really wanted the diet to finish and not drag on forever if I wasn't killing the candida off.  Please bear in mind that your own personal food intolerances will also influence what you can eat.  If you don't know then you need to get tested.

Missing bread?  Try the occasional small piece toasted.  If it keeps you sane and helps you to keep on the diet then ok.  I also tried rye bread and became a fan but if you are gluten-intolerant then avoid all breads.

Missing the taste of chocolate?   Try cocoa powder (no added sugar) and make your own hot chocolate with warm milk.   I started by adding a small amount of fructose powder (fruit sugar) and gradually weaned myself off the fructose until I actually liked the taste of plain hot chocolate.  A nice treat each evening!  Some people tell me off as there is caffeine in cocoa but I still got better!  Another tip is to look out for chocolate sugar-free chewing gum.  I loved it and used to chew the fruit flavoured gum too.  Mmmm!

Missing fruity taste?  I really missed my fruit juices.  So I found a very low sugar juice and I used it as squash.  I used to add soda water or still water to it and I made sure there was just enough juice to add some flavour.  You can also look for sugar-free squash.  I hate aspartame due to the serious health risks so its your call.

Missing breakfast cereal? You can buy sugar-free cornflakes and I mixed these with sugar-free puffed rice for a change.   You can add a sprinkle of ground seeds and nuts for added taste.  Look online if you cant find them in your local store.  I also used to sprinkle FOS powder onto it to 'feed the probiotics'.  But guess what?  FOS is a little bit sweet so lets just say its wasn't just the probiotics that enjoyed it! ;)

Missing soda (fizzy pop)?  Having a drink with friends needs some thought.  I developed a fondness for soda water with lime which is sugar free, calorie free and often really cheap.  I guess diet caffeine-free Coke is ok too but to me its just a load of chemicals so I didn't bother.

Missing snacks?  I am a big fan of snacks so I made up some jars of seeds and nuts (not peanuts) to nibble on during the day.  I also stocked up on the sugar-free gum I mentioned earlier.   I also (occasionally) ate corn snacks with my own tomato, herb and garlic dip.   I had to ration myself with the corn snacks though.  I also found vegetable chips (crisps) which I now love.

I hope these Little Ways to Cheat help you to realise that there are ways of coping on the anti-candida diet.   Take a closer look in your supermarket and you will find sugar free alternatives which can help you stick to the diet.  I also ate sugar-free jello (jelly) desserts and sugar free ice pops (lollies).

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Worried about what to eat on the candida diet? I used Barbara Cousin's Cooking Made Easy Without Gluten, Sugar, Yeast or Dairy recipes


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