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Anti Candida Diet (Page 3)

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Foods To Enjoy
There is plenty of foods that you can eat on the anti-candida diet so its important to keep positive.   I once worked out that I had suffered from candida so many times in the past that I've actually spent the equivalent of an entire year on the candida diet over the past decade!  I've gone through Christmas, my birthday, weddings, parties and holidays on the diet.  This was obviously until I started to take control of my health and investigate why I was getting ill so often (see My Approach).   So I really know how difficult the diet can be.  But I also know that it depends on your attitude and determination to get better.   Hopefully you are only need to do it for 8 weeks.

Right its time to start focussing on what you can eat!  I am going to assume that you don't have any food intolerances to these foods otherwise you need to avoid them. By the way I've noticed different candida books and experts recommend slightly different lists for foods to eat and foods to enjoy.  So this list is my own personal recommended list.

Potatoes (in small quantities)
Sweet potatoes (in small quantities)
All green vegetables
Corn (in small quantities)
Sweet peppers
Onions (not pickled)

anti candida diet


All herbs & spices
Garlic (great for killing candida)
Pork, ham & bacon
Good quality sausages (check label)
Soups especially home made
anti candida diet breakfast
Poppadoms (make your own dips!)
Coconut & coconut oil
Rice cakes
Diabetic or sugar-free jam
Gluten free oats (for porridge etc)
Sugar free cornflakes
Sugar free rice puffs
Coconut helps to kill candida 
Fruit teas
Sugar free squash
Caffeine-free tea
Lactose-free milk (or take lactose enzyme with milk)
Rice milk
Soya milk
Oat milk
Lemon slice in warm water
Cider apple vinegar
Chocolate milkshake! (see below)

Question!  I know what you are thinking! Could you really enjoy a 'chocolate milkshake' like this small girl?  Yes!  I did!  I used lacto-free milk and cocoa powder (sugar-free).  I started by adding a small quantity of fructose until I got used to the taste and then I gradually reduced the fructose until I didn't need it.  I used to heat it up to enjoy hot chocolate too.  In fact I still make hot chocolate the same way now! 


The next step to make meal plans based on your own personal preferences and life style.   If you are struggling to work out what to eat I suggest you buy some special candida recipe books.  I used Barbara Cousin's Cooking Made Easy Without Gluten, Sugar, Yeast and Dairy.  Don't let yourself get hungry or else you won't be able to stick to the diet.

Personally I love stir fries and curries so I started to make my own.  I used a tomato puree as the base for the sauce and experimented with different herbs and spices until I liked the taste.   I added different meats and vegetables to vary the taste.   I often added garlic as that helps to beat candida.  I would also experiment with different types of rice.  I also added quinoa for added protein.  If I wanted a change from rice I would make a small quantity of fries from sweet potatoes (yams).

During the summer months I enjoyed fresh salads with cold meat or fish.  For lunch I ate things like soups.

It is important to vary your diet (even when you are healthy) so try to rotate your dishes.  Some mornings I would have bacon, egg, fried onions and tomatoes for a change from cereal. 


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Worried about what to eat on the candida diet?

 I used Barbara Cousin's Cooking Made Easy Without Gluten, Sugar, Yeast or Dairy recipes



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