Well I cant believe that one year on I am still blogging.  Its quite depressing really! But at least I know why.  Its just over a year ago that my contraceptive pill was changed and the candida went nuts.  It took until Spring this year to figure that link out and its taken several months for my body to regain its own cycle.  I have sticking to the candida diet 90% of the time and only taking pau d’arco to reduce the candida levels.  I have regular healing and acupuncture (which I strongly recommend) and so now I should be better… but I’m not.  Unfortunately my stress levels have been off the richter scale thanks to my job and its going to get worse before there’s any hope of it getting better.  I feel so stressed that I am losing my mind.  The other night I burst into tears trying to explain to my (long suffering) boyfriend how I feel about my job and I was frightened by the avalanche of tears and upset inside me. I felt I could cry for a week and still not get all the tears out. Isnt it awful that a job could do that?  I am trying to count my blessings and gain some perspective. After all there are millions of people on this planet with more stressful jobs than me.  I dont want to say too much about my work as I dont know who reads this.  But I work in an office with mostly women.  I earn good money but I get masses of stress and responsibility.  My (male) bosses are totally incompetent and there is a lot of bullying, harassment and bitching in the office.  Although I’ve taken legal advice I would rather find another job than quit and take them to court for constructive dismissal. But I have been applying for jobs for ages with no luck. I’ve been offered jobs which fell through, got to the final selection process, even agreed a start date for one and then the business was sold.  Several psychics tell me I am not meant to leave yet.  I can figure that one myself!  Anyway sorry to moan.  Suffice to say that all this stress is affecting my hormones and the candida.  I have more spots than when I was a teenager!  Worse I have to take painskillers each night (every 4 hrs) to be able sleep with the stomach pain.  Its like my tum is so sore and bloated and it pushes on my bladder so I have to get up every hour (at least) to see if I need to pee. Thank goodness the painkillers block this and I can sleep.   Its irritable bowel I presume.   I could tell that this stomach problem was ‘brewing’ a few weeks ago – it sort of follows a pattern. But interestingly my healer thought my chakras were ‘great’ which makes a change and my acupuncturist thought my pulses and tongue were also ‘great’ so I took it all with a pinch of salt as I knew I am far from ‘great’.  I bet by the next time I see them they will identify problems!  Acupuncture is now every 3 weeks and I think its helping more than anything apart from the diet.  But if anyone new is reading this please be aware that I have my candida levels under control.  If you havent then please read my blog entries from last summer to see how I’ve got here.  I cant help thinking that if I had another job I would be better by now.

Well I hope I havent depressed you all with this entry!  Love to you all, Katie x

Blog is 1 year old!

2 thoughts on “Blog is 1 year old!

  • November 30, 2011 at 6:07 am

    Hi Katie,
    I love your blog, I’ve just read it from the start to now, I have just begun my candida journey and found some helpful stuff on your page and blog. I am more lost than any thing at the moment about the diet but hopefully figure it out soon! I am working with my health practitioner (she is the one who diagnosed me) she is also learning. But since i don’t have the funds for a naturopath i have to rely on books and internet. I am confidante that one day i will be cured and feel better!

    I wanted to post on this particular post as I am also going through tremendous amounts of stress from work. I am also looking for new employment and other options such as career change by going back to school. I live in Canada where i have the option to possibly go on “stress leave” and still get funds with a doctors note.

    I am going to keep reading your story to see if you were able to get out of the horrible job!
    Thanks for your site and blog!

    • December 28, 2011 at 7:44 pm

      Thanks Chantal for getting in touch! Good luck with your candida recovery and please let me know how you get on as its always good to inspire others.
      I hope you find a lovely new job 🙂

      Katie xx


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