Hi just a quick update to say that I am feeling miles better.  I really believe that the acupuncture is working.  Somehow its ‘balancing’ me out and making me feel more like my normal self.  I’m not 100% but I can see an improvement.  For example my head is a lot clearer and I feel stronger and calmer.  I am dealing with the problems in my life more constructively which how I used to be.  For the first time in absolutely ages I feel like my old self.  Probably the first time in years!  I can tell the hormones are balancing out more.  The candida isnt so quick to return if I eat something that I shouldn’t.  For example if I ate sugar then I would normally get burpy and a bloated stomach the same day but now I can tolerate small amounts.  I even ate some chips the other day which really cheered me up! But I am still sticking to the candida diet 90% of the time as I can tell that the candida is lurking.  I get a bit frustrated as its all taking so long but I remind myself that its great to be heading in the right direction at long last.  I havent done any meditation but I have been trying to relax using different methods and its helping a lot.  By the way if anyone is tempted to try acupuncture one word of warning – I find it quite painful for a second or two while the needles go in.  I try to be brave but I cant help shouting ‘ow!’ each time one goes in.  I don’t do brave! lol!  Everyone said it wouldnt hurt but apparently it depends on where they stick the needles so dont go cursing me if you give it a go!  On the plus side I am improving in leaps and bounds after every session so its worth it!

Goodnight and God bless, Katie x

Doing a lot better!

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