Firstly I’d like to say a big sorry to everyone who has emailed me recently but had to wait ages for a reply.  For some reason this blog is being bombarded with spam and your emails are getting caught up in all the spam.  I’ve cleared the backlog today and I’m looking at solutions.

One of the most common questions I get asked is about probiotics.   I personally noticed an improvement when I switched to a brand which contained Lactobacillus bifidus* along with other strains such as acidophilus.  But I know other sufferers who have seen improvements with other strains so I think its worth experimenting to see what works for you.  Probiotics alone wont kill off the candida of course.  But its vitally important to improve the balance of bacteria in the gut.  From what I’ve read, it is believed that most of the immune system is located in the gut so if you have an imbalance you may find you are more prone to infections and bugs.   I always take a probiotic every day and I always will.

I know some people recommend natural yogurt but many brands contain sugar and I just dont think yogurt would contain enough probiotics.  Perhaps I’m wrong so if anyone knows better let me know!

The other tip I’ve picked up is to look for a probiotic which contains at least 3 or 4 billion probiotic.  I think the theory is that the probiotics have a long way to travel to reach your gut so taking a good quality supplement with 3 or 4 billion is giving yourself a good chance that some will actually make it!

I usually buy a brand which also contains FOS.  It stands for fructo-oligosaccharides and it is sometimes called a prebiotic.  Basically its the food which the good bacteria can eat while they wait to reach your gut.  At least that’s the way I look at it!   Now I know FOS is a form of sugar but when I was very ill with candida I actually bought a pot of this stuff (its a fine white powder) and I sprinkled it on my sugar-free, wheat-free cereal each morning.  I figured I wanted to give the good probiotics the best chance of surviving the journey to my gut.  Did I need to do this?  I’ve no idea but sometimes it helps to think you are doing everything you can. I’ve also seen probiotic brands which contain other prebiotics such as apple to nourish the bacteria.

I experimented with refrigerated and non refrigerated probiotics but I couldnt see a difference.  The non refrigerated version is easier for me and I think the freeze drying doesnt adversely affect the product. I know some people are concerned that refrigerated versions may have not been kept cold during transit.  I’ve always thought that refrigeration after opening was the important aspect but again if anyone knows better please share your knowledge below (leave a comment).

Don’t forget that I was also taking anti-fungal supplements (rotating them daily), sticking to the diet and I was also taking digestive enzymes plus a host of vitamins as I tested low on quite a few e.g. iron.

If anyone else has any feedback about probiotics and candida please get in touch.  Its a question that puzzles a lot of sufferers so the more we can share the better.

ps as Spring as finally sprung in my part of the world I thought I’d share this beautiful photograph.   I always feel more positive when the days lengthen and it gets warmer 🙂daffodils



Katie xx


* Please be aware that Lacto Bifidus is derived from milk so avoid if you are highly sensitive to milk protein.  Even when I had trouble digesting lactase I was fine taking this supplement but please be careful.


Best probiotic to take to beat candida?

One thought on “Best probiotic to take to beat candida?

  • May 23, 2013 at 5:24 am

    Hi Katie
    I always enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work! I must agree that probiotics are essential for anyone who has bowel problems. I had to experiment with different brands until I felt the benefits. Don’t forget that it can take a few months to realise that it is helping. Probiotics are great for boosting the immune system too.


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