I am a huge fan of cider apple vinegar.   I use it for health and beauty purposes.  The key is to find a source which says ‘with mother’.   I’ve no idea what that means but I just know that the cider apple vinegar with mother is far more effective.   I also like the fact that it is cheap!

If you visit Earth Clinic which is a fantastic site full of natural remedies you will often see that cider apple vinegar is rated the best rememdy for many ailments.   This stuff is amazing!  If you dont believe me just click on the image of the bottle below to visit Amazon.  This brand alone has almost 1000 ‘five star’ excellent reviews! If you read the reviews it is very inspiring.

I use cider apple vinegar as a skin toner after cleansing.   I heard that Sarlett Johansson is supposed to use it on her skin so I figured I would give it a go!  And I am really pleased as I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts.  The vinegar helps to balance my skin and prevent spots and pimples.  It takes a bit of getting used to the smell but it quickly dries.  I know some people apply a moisturiser afterwards.

I also love cider apple vinegar as a hot drink.   I mix a tablespoon of the vinegar with equal amounts of honey and add a large mug of hot water.  I make sure to drink it through a straw as they say this helps to prevent acid erosion of your teeth.  The taste is more apple than vinegar I think.   Now I know that all you candida sufferers will be nervous of taking honey as you need to avoid sugar.   I agree.  Except that if your candida is mild then you could try this as it really seems to kill off candida.  But if your candida is bad then I have another suggestion.  Have you tried cider apple vinegarcapsules ?  These are great for anyone who hates the smell or taste of the cider apple vinegar.   If you try either thecapsules or the drink please let me know how you get on.

If you cant find the capsules in your local drugstore here is a link.



Katie xx

Cider apple vinegar to treat candida

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