JuneI’m so pleased that summer has arrived!  My general wellbeing seems to improve from more sunshine and fresh air.   But if you saw my last blog you would know that I think the candida has returned and I am also suffering from digestive issues and itchy skin.  The latter has been keeping me up at night and the only cream which helps is Sudacrem.  It was getting unbearable.

So I’ve started to take the Enterosgel by drinking one tablespoon mixed with a large glass of water once every other day.   Within a week my itchy skin has improved massively!  The area of skin which was affected was increasing.  But now its virtually gone!  I’m so pleased.  So I guess the Enterosgel is removing the toxins or bad bacteria from my gut which were causing the allergy.   I’ve found research that Enterosgel is a non-toxic sorbent which also helps remove candida which may have been responsible for the itchy skin.

But I’m still suffering from digestive issues (wind) and a sluggish digestive system.  It has improved a lot but I’m not better yet.  I firmly believe that you need to go to the toilet at least once a day (bowl movement) especially if you suffer from candida.   It can thrive if you have constipation so please make sure you eat enough fibre to keep things moving.  I take Milk of Magnesia if this doesn’t work.   I take a spoonful before bed and it’s very gentle.  It works overnight so that you should hopefully have a bowel movement the next day.

Here’s a link if you can’t find it in your local store.

Regular readers will know I am a big fan of muscle testing (kinesiology) to determine which remedies I need to take.  You can also use  it to determine if you should eat or drink certain foods.  To find out more please click this link to go to my main website.  I asked a friend to muscle test me for various homeopathy and natural remedies that I had in the cupboard.   I love Dr Reckeweig and through muscle testing we determined that I do not have a virus or bacteria infection at present.  This was important as I am prone to infections and they can mimic the symptoms of candida.  We used sugar to test if I can eat it.  I figure if the muscle testing says “No” then I still have candida.   Unfortunately it was a resounding ‘no’ as my arm was really weak during testing.   I think I was secretly hoping that the amazing enterosgel would remove the candida and the occasional cookie wouldn’t harm!  So now I’m cutting out sugar completely.  I was only having the 2-3 plain biscuits per day but that needs to stop.   I also eat a lot of carbs so again I’m cutting back.  I need to lose some weight anyway.

I am a bit disappointed as I have been taking capryllic acid for some time now but I suspect that the strain of candida has become resistant to it.  It is important to rotate different remedies.  So my anti-candida regime continues. I am going to increase the dosage of Enterosgel to one per day.  It does say you can take up to 3 tablespoons per day but I prefer to keep my dosage of everything on the lower side and then build up.  I would love to hear from you so please leave any comments below.

Enterosgel Review – Skin Allergies Improved!

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