If you’ve followed my blog over the years you will know I have suffered from candida and other gut related problems. Along the journey I have found some great products and plenty of useless ones too! I want to share with you today one of the best ones that I have found for digestive problems. I have used it when suffering from diarrhea, digestive issues and candida.

Its called Enterosgel and it works by binding to the bad bacteria and candida in your gut and removing them naturally. Its an opaque gel like substance that you mix in a glass of water.  It doesn’t taste of anything really but you can tell it’s in the water if that makes sense.  You need to stir it well.  I take it once a day as it takes up to 12hrs to pass through your system.  It is made from 70% polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate and 30% purified water.   This formula is a safe sorbent which is used for detox.

It helps to cleanse viruses, toxins, allergens and pathogens from the gut.  It also helps with allergies! It is clinically proven to stop diarrhoea, reduce and prevent allergic and toxic reactions. I wish I had known about this product years ago! It protects intestinal wall, normalises gut microflora and helps to detoxify the body.   If you want to learn more about how it works then click here to read more on Wikipedia.  And if this link makes sense to you please come back and explain it to me! 😉

If you can’t find it in  your local drugstore then this link takes you to Amazon who sell it.


I also found this information which explains more about Enterosgel:

When passing through the digestive tract, Enterosgel binds toxic substances e.g. bacteria and bacterial toxins, antigens, food allergens, medicaments and their by-products as well as alcohol, and removes them via bowel movements.  Enterosgel also binds some metabolic products, including excessive quantities of bilirubin, urea, cholesterol, and lipid complexes.

Enterosgel does not reduce absorption of vitamins and helps to restore the diminished natural gut microflora. It does not affect the intestinal peristaltic activity (this is the normal gut muscle movement which ensures the waste moves out of your body).

Enterosgel destroys pathogenic microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and binds the following pathogens: Salmonellas, Shigellae, Klebsiellae and other gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms and Candida. Enterosgel does not reduce the normal gut microflora. The selective effect of Enterosgel on microflora is due to the fact that, unlike the pathogenic microflora, the normal microflora has high affinity to the intestinal mucosa and thus adheres to it firmly. As a result of electrostatic interaction with Enterosgel, pathogenic microflora is destroyed, while its particles are bound on the sorbent surface.

Enterosgel binds and eliminates viruses (rotaviruses, cytomegaloviruses and others).

Enterosgel also eliminates allergens. Incomplete allergens are totally adsorbed by the porous structure of Enterosgel. Complete allergens are adsorbed by Enterosgel, which provides their elimination from the digestive tract and reduces the potential allergic effects on the body.

So all in all this product is definitely worth a try if you are suffering from gut problems including candida.  I don’t know if it will remove all candida but I’m going to try it myself.

By the way if you have diarrhea then in my experience it doesn’t act immediately.  But I certainly felt an improvement within a day or two.  I thinke anti-diarrhea tablets just keep the toxins in the body but this product binds them and you will expel them naturally in your next bowl movement.  I also use it when I feel bloating or other digestive clues that all is not well in my gut. And I’ve got a LOT of clues right now!  So for now I am taking this product every day to try to sort out my gut issues.  I will know if it’s working as I have a lot of symptoms right now including bloating, wind, eczema, itchy skin etc..



Get rid of candida & bad gut bacteria with Enterosgel

2 thoughts on “Get rid of candida & bad gut bacteria with Enterosgel

  • May 24, 2019 at 11:51 am

    Hi Katie. Glad you’re back but sorry to hear you are not well again. Do you know what is in the entersogel stuff?


    • May 24, 2019 at 12:41 pm

      Hi Mary-Ellen. That’s a really good question. I should have mentioned the ingredients. I will update my post now. According to the box it contains 70% polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate and 30% purified water. I take 1 tablespoon in a large glass of water per day and it really helps. I only take it for a few days and then stop but I may carry on this time.
      Katie xx


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