Hi everyone!
This is my first post. I’ve suffered from candida on-off for 3 yrs now but I did suceed in having 18mths of being candida-free so I regard this latest bout as a ‘blip’. My heart sank when I heard the diagnosis and I couldnt bear the thought of another 2/3 mth restrictive diet. So I thought ‘right I’ll do my own thing and beat this once again’. It occured to me that my approach might help someone else so I’ll be explaining everything in this blog. I am a bit worried as what works for me might make someone else worse (the last thing I want to do) so please please try to see your Doc or if he or she is as useless as mine then try to find a good naturopath for professional advice before copying me. The other thing to point out is that my approach is actually a combination of several methods which are not ‘new’ or ‘unique’ to me. But I’ve done a heck of a lot of reading and research on this one plus I’ve managed to beat it several times so I know a bit about it. I also know (or at least I hope I know) why previous attempts have failed and why its back now. So hopefully you can learn from my mistakes too! Feel free to leave comments as support is appreciated!

Hi everyone! This is my first post. I’ve suffered…

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