Hi everyone! Sorry I disappeared without an update.  I had all the all clear before Christmas and I was able to enjoy all my favourites (apart from red wine) over the holidays. I kept off red wine as I was warned it is really bad for candida sufferers. But everything was fine.  I kept taking the threelac and everything was going great… Then I hit a mega stressful period and my mostly ‘good’ diet when out of the window.  Not surprisingly my health dipped and now yes you’ve guessed it – the candida is back.  I am working hard to reduce my stress and reintroducing a healthier diet and lifestyle back into my life.  I’m interested in Dr Mercola’s view that taking anti candida formulations ultimately leads to resistant strains.  He advocates probiotics and an anti candida diet. Take a look at this video.

It certainly makes sense to me. I’d love to hear from anyone else who is using probiotics to improve their health.  I’m doing my own research into the different types especially L. sporogenes and best dosages. Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated! I’ve got to look at this as a life long health plan!

I’m back!

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