Well after years of being free from candida I think it’s back. Major long term stress, over work, lack of fresh air and exercise and antibiotics have created the perfect breeding ground for candida I think. But I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve been 100% fit and healthy in the intervening years. I’ve noticed that I am prone to gut issues and eczema, sinus issues, anxiety and occasional digestive issues. I really think there is a common denominator which is gut dybiosis. It doesn’t take a lot to trigger a health problem and I believe that there is an on-going imbalance of bacteria in my gut.

I have been trying different ways to improve my gut balance and so far I’m not doing that great. I will be documenting my efforts in the hope that it helps someone else. I would really like to hear from anyone who has a similar problem or has any information on this topic. I am determined to achieve a better gut health as I firmly believe that our immune system, physical health and mental well-being are directly affected by our gut bacteria.

Is Gut Dysbiosis is the cause of my health problems?

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