Hi everyone!  I know its been a long time but my blog was hacked and its taken me forever to get it back up.   Thanks to everyone who messaged me with kind words and suggestions.  I really appreciate it!  So for now the main website and blog is up and running!  There are a TON of tweaks I need to do so forgive me if it doesnt look right and if some links dont work.  I plan to incorporate it into one main website but at least all the candida information is now available again.

Just as an aside, my life has become really stressful again and I think the candida is back so I will be online soon to explain how I’m tackling it.  This time around I’ve got different products to try and some great ideas which may hopefully help other candida sufferers.

Please keep in touch as I love your messages!


Katie xxx

Katie Beat Candida Blog is back!

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