Hi everyone.  As many of you know I’ve run this blog for many years now and a while ago I collected all my findings and experience and put it all together in one easy-to-use (I hope) website.  The idea was to save you all scrolling through my posts on this blog to find the info that you need.   The website is http://beatcandidayeastinfections.com/  But I still love using this blog and a lot of people get in touch via it.  However keeping both going at the same time is a bit confusing so my techie friend is helping me to put the blog onto my website.  I’m hoping you guys wont even notice the switch as I’m told it will be smooth and ‘invisible’.  But as I’m never confident as far as computers are concerned I wanted to warn you all!  The move is happening over the next few days so if you have any problems with this blog just go over to How To Beat Candida & Yeat Infections and click on ‘candida blog’ .  Just give me a few days as there’s nothing to see there yet!

love, Katie xx

ps my website will be getting a new look too which I’m really excited about.  I’m a busy bee at the moment but hopefully it will all be worth it and much easier for you all 🙂

My blog is on the move!

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