Hey everyone.  As you may know I am getting TONS of junk comments on this website.  Its been really getting me down as I have to go through 1000s of spam comments to try to find genuine ones.  The good news is that I am working with a lovely lady to finish a brand new website which should (fingers crossed) to reduce this problem.  But the terrible news is that I have missed a really important comment left by a candida sufferer.  I have copied her post below.  I am really upset that I missed this comment originally.   I am going to email Sara with my own ideas but if anyone has any ideas that they can share to help her then please use the Comment box or email me at beatcandidayeastinfections@hotmail.com 

Sara’s post:

Hi, i came across your page about candida. Iam 32 yrs old and from what i can remember ive had candida since a child! I only found out about it in 2006. Iam actually thinking of ending my life ! as the candida is just destroying me. I have bad depression, anxiety, constant ringing in my ears, itching skin, allergies, bloating, but what makes it worse is the depression and negative thinking, and due to feeling depressed i eat junk food ! i pig out on choclate and all the other food candida loves, so im actually feeding it !   Each time i try the diet i go even more depressed that i just have no motivation to cook the right meals.  And last march i had to be given more antibiotics due to an infection, since then its been much worse. Im now stuck on antidepressants that do nothing, ive gained alot of weight due to my poor eating habits. I had a test for candida a saliva and stool test, both showing i do have candida, yet the saliva was much higher. Also had a test for leaky gut, this showed negative although it was a very high mark. And to top all that, i had a adrenal stress test, showing abnormal high dhea hormone. And as well as having all 8 of my mercury fillings removed last year, i thought that would help but no such luck. Anyway ive spent so much money over ther years on diffrent supplement and antifungals, the longest i stuck to anything was 2 months that was taking threelac, but the die of was to bad i gave up. Anyway i had been reading about the EFT, i wonder if it may help my negative thinking, im starting to think that my negative mind may be making the candida worse ! or maybe the candida made me negative, im not sure. Anyway i know the email is bit long, sorry its just reading that somebody else had candida makes me feel a bit better, well not so alone. If you could email me that would be really good, and any advice on what or how i can go about the depression and how i could stop eating junk food ??   Thanks in advance.


Lets all get together to help Sara and everyone else in her position.   I’ll kick off with a few of my own ideas.  Please add your own.

1.  Positive thinking is essential so I believe in writing some positive statements out in big writing, sticking on the wall (ideally next to a mirror) and repeating them to yourself as much as possible.    Keep it short and in the present tense.   If you can look at yourself in the mirror while you repeat the statement then it works even better.   Some some positive affirmations could be

“I am feeling better and better with each passing day.”

“My candida is gone and I feel healthy and happy”

“My immune system is strong and I am feel full of energy”

The strange thing about affirmations is that they work even if you dont believe them statements.  Just repeat them constantly over and over.  I am a big fan of Louise Hay so check her out on Google for more information about this approach.  It works for lots of issues in life 🙂

2. Ok the temptation of junk food needs to be addressed.  We all know candida loves junk food.   If your temptation is hard to beat then perhaps some hypnotherapy could help to retrain your brain.  What worked for me was planning all my meals and snacks in advance together with a conviction that I really wanted to get better.  I threw out all the sugary food in the house and I avoided temptation e.g. meals out for a little while.  I followed Karen Tripp’s website as she was the only person I knew at the time who had beaten candida.

3.  Working out what to eat is hard I know.  There are plenty of candida diet recipies online so please go through them and plan some tasty food to eat.  Personally I lived off a lot of stir fries which I love.  I made the sauces from scratch and just made it all up through trial and error.   I added herbs and spices which are known to nourish the body.

4.  Definitely learn EFT to treat the symptoms and any underlying issues e.g. stress.

5. I would recommend finding a local naturopath to help you on your journey to recovery as we all different and what works best for one may not work as well for another person.

6. If die off is bad then try the diet for a few weeks alone first.  Then slowly add anti fungals.  I am not a fan of Threelac but there are plenty  of others to try.  If your candida is bad then you may need to alternate between different ones on a daily basis to zap it all.  That’s what I did in the end.

7.  Drink plenty of water each day.  You can add a slice of lemon or lime for flavour.   It helps to wash out any impurities, excess hormones etc which can detox the body.

8.  Take a daily probiotic to help replenish the gut flora.   This is really important if you have or are taking antibiotics.


I am sure there are a ton of others to try.  If you have any ideas to share please help.

Please help a candida sufferer

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