My battle to beat the candida was undermined when I had to take antibiotics recently and then my will power weakened this summer in the hot weather.  I have to confess to 2 x small ice-creams and one small fruit juice and now the candida is back with vengeance.  That didn’t seem a lot of sugar over a week but the candida was delighted!  But I’ve also had a LOT of stress.  Bad combination.

Now I have bloating, stomach ache, tiredness, brain fog, depression and constipation.  Oh great!  I alleviated the bloating and discomfort overnight with a tablespoon of colloidol silver 10ppm.

But today I need to get serious.  Its affecting my sleep and my work.  I’m avoiding sugar and I’m increasing my anti-candida regime as follows:-

  • 6 drops of Lughol’s iodine spread over the day.  I usually take 4 drops in some water each evening normally but that’s because there is a history of breast cancer in my family.  So I take it as I believe it helps to reduce the risk. But I’m increasing it to 6 drops from today.   I’ll split the dose into two and spread it over the day.  It also helps reduce my dizziness which is great. Lughol’s iodine is amazing.  It’s anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral and it breaks down the bio-film which covers and protects candida. It supports the immune system and the thyroid gland.
  • I’m drinking the entersogel drink each day and I’m taking a new anti-candida remedy which has excellent reviews.  I know my immune system crashes when I’ve got candida and stress so I’m going to take  cider apple vinegar drink each day too.   I think I will see how I get on before adding anything else as I dont want to experience serious die-off.  If you have candida and you havent tried anything yet to get rid of it I would strongly recommend introducing anti-fungals slowly over a period of a week or so.  I usually cut out sugar and then wait 3-4 days then introduce an anti-fungal and then after a few days introduce other remedies to give your body time to adjust.   But I take probiotics every day of course.

If you can’t find the products in your local health store here are some links to Amazon

By the way I get asked a lot of about the cider apple vinegar that I use.  It must be organic and with ‘mother’.  I personally like the Biona brand but I don’t know if its available in the USA but there must be an equivalent.  If anyone can recommend a similar product for sale in the USA please let me know and I’ll update my links here to help people find it.

Biona Organic Cider Vinegar (with Mother)


Sending you all love and light.  Hope you’re all doing better than me!


Katie xx

Using Lughol’s Iodine to Kill Candida

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