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Importance of Your Immune System in Beating Candida (2)

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Fresh Air & Exercise

No matter how bad you are feeling you really need to get some fresh air and some gentle exercise regularly. 

Try to open the window more often to change the air inside your home or place of work.   The air inside property can be seriously polluted.  If you regularly use aerosols, air fresheners and light candles then the air inside your rooms can be full of chemicals which you are breathing in.  It can put an unwanted strain on your immune system.  I’ve thrown out all my aerosols and I only buy natural wax candles after I discovered that many candles contain toxic ingredients.


If you can manage it try to go for a walk outside as often as possible.  If you are feeling ill you could start with sitting in the garden (that's what I did) or visiting your local park and sitting in the fresh air for a while.   Once you feel a bit stronger you can aim to walk around the park and build up your walks gradually.  If the sun is shining then the walk will also help to lift your mood. 

Fresh air can help

Lymphatic System
The lymph system is part of the immune system.   If your lymph system is not working optimally then you may be more susceptible to infections as your immune system will be compromised.  If you have ever suffered from swollen glands under your jaw then this is actually your lymph glands which are swollen because they are fighting an infection.  

To help boost your lympathic system and thereby boost your immune system try daily stretching exercises to help get your muscles moving.   There’s no need to do anything which is painful just gently stretch and move for a few minutes each day.  Regular massages can also help.    If you are feeling more energetic you can also try bouncing on a trampoline which is also great for keeping your lymph system moving and keeping fit!

Another great way to boost your lymph system and improve your skin is to gently brush your skin every day with a body brush.   This will aid lympathic drainage which is how your body removes toxins.    It also helps to boost circulation, improve your skin and reduce cellulite for us ladies.  Try skin brushing each morning before you shower or bath.  Gentle brush your skin in the direction of your heart (upwards on your legs for example). Start at your feet and work your way up, focussing on the thighs and buttocks where the body stores fat and toxins.

Relaxation Mediation
There are guided meditations available online and in holistic shops which are brilliant for helping you to forget your worries and relax.  Some are spiritual (such as meeting your angels) and others are simply for relaxation. 

I was sceptical about meditation initially but I joined a class which was recommended by a friend.  Lets just say after one class I was hooked for life!  Personally I do believe in angels and meditation has opened up a whole new spiritual view on life for me.  And this in turn has helped me to deal with the stresses in my life, which in turn helped my health to improve... and this helped me to beat the candida overgrowth! 

By the way I know some people use isochronic tunes as the background to their affirmation or hypnosis CDs.  I dont know much about this but apparently isochronic tunes help you to reach a more relaxed state quicker and help you to meditate more effectively so they could be worth checking out.

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