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Importance of Your Immune System in Beating Candida 3

< Go back to Page 2 Boosting Your Immune System

Immune Boosting Fuel
The food you eat is your body’s fuel.   Quite simply rubbish in = rubbish out. You wouldn’t expect your car to run smoothly if you used rubbish fuel and the same applies to your body.   What you eat can also have an effect on your mood and mental wellbeing.  You are really are what you eat! Now I know you are thinking 'but I'm on the anti candida diet....' and yes I know its restrictive but hopefully you can still incorporate some of these foods which are great at boosting the immune system.

This is really one of nature’s wonder foods!  It is antiseptic, anti bacterial and antifungal as well as boosting your immune system so try to include it in your food as much as possible.  By the way the active ingredients are destroyed within 1 hr of squashing the clove so you need to be quick.  And please don’t swallow the clove whole as you need to smash the clove to release the active ingredient. 

Vitamin C
This is an important vitamin for everyone but especially if you are trying to boost your immune system.  Bear in mind that the body does not store vitamin C and if you take too much in one go then the body will excrete the surplus. So its worth taking vitamin C every day and splitting your dosage over the day if possible.  If you are on anti-candida diet then you will need to limit your fruit intake so consider taking a Vitamin C supplement.

This mineral increases the production of white blood cells.  Their job is to fight infection and zinc helps them to fight more aggressively. It also increases killer cells that fight against cancer and helps white cells release more antibodies.  Zinc supplements have been shown to slow the growth of cancer and zinc helps to repair DNA.  It also helps to balance your blood sugar levels which is important for many people who suffer from candida.  Zinc is found in liver, spinach, oysters, grass-fed beef, green peas and pumpkin seeds.  

Note: You can purchase zinc supplements but taking an excess of zinc can cause health problems (including prostate cancer for men) so if you are not sure if you really are deficient then it may be safer to eating foods which include zinc.  However if you feel that you are likely to be deficient in zinc then it would be worth getting yourself tested by a naturopath or other health professional who would be able to advise you on the dosage that you need.

Another one of nature’s amazing minerals.  Selenium helps to boost your immune system.  It is found in brazil nuts, tuna, brown rice, egg yolks, chicken, lamb chops and sunflower seeds.   I keep a nut and seed mix on my desk at work to nibble on when I fancy a snack.  

Your digestive tract contains over 100 trillion beneficial bacteria apparently and other organisms whose job it is to digest your food and help you to absorb the goodness from your food.  There are also ‘unfriendly’ organisms such fungi and candida / yeast which live in the digestive tract.   It is vital that the beneficial organisms flourish as they will help to reduce the level of the unbeneficial organisms.   If there is an unhealthy imbalance in the gut then this is called dysbiosis.  

The key is to boost the health organisms and try to reduce the bad guys.   The fungi and candida (yeast) love sugars and processed food so try to avoid this type of food.  Think of it like fertilizer for the bad guys!

To boost the health bacteria you need to eat healthy foods and consider taking a good quality probiotic supplement.    Some health practitioners recommended fermented foods but this is an area which I have no experience so you may want to do your own research.

Personally I take a good quality probiotic which also contains FOC.  FOC stands for fructo oligo saccharide  which provides nourishment for the probiotic bacteria until they reach your digestive system.     When choosing a probiotic I look closely at the ingredients and choose a well known brand with as many billions of good bacteria as possible.  There are about 28 strains of candida so I tend to choose a probiotic with lots of different types of bacteria in the hope that at least one of them will be able to fight the candida!


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