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Candida (Yeast) Books & Useful Reading

When I was ill with candida I decided to learn as much as I could about the illness.  I also became interested in ways of healing the body and finding out what causes disease or ill health in the first place.   I found some brilliant books which really helped me.  If you are interested then I've put their details  below with my own reviews.


Cooking Without Made Easy: Recipes free from added Gluten, Sugar, Yeast and Dairy Produce
If you are fed up on the anti-candida diet and wondering what on earth you can eat then this wonderful cook book is just what you need!  I could hug the author for coming up so many delicious recipes which do not use sugar, gluten, yeast or dairy.  There is plenty to choose from including Starters, Soups, Salads, Meat & Fish Dishes, Vegetarian Dishes, Desserts and Cakes and Biscuits.  Now before you get too excited I should point out that many of the cakes and desserts are sweetened with fruit such as dates so I only cooked them once I was on the mend not when I was really ill.  Barbara's delicious Fruit and Nut Tea Bread is still one of my favourite cakes as its fat free and gluten free and packed with goodness.  You cant say that about many cakes!   This book is full of tasty meal ideas for anyone who is feeling that the anti candida diet is hard to stick to.


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
I was given this beautifully illustrated book by Louise Hay as a gift and it is permanently by the side of my bed. 

Louise Hay healed herself from terminal cancer as a young woman and she firmly believes that your thoughts determine your health.  I think this inspiring book should be taught in schools.  At the back are affirmations which work for me.  I often read them aloud before bed quietly and I always get a feeling of inner peace and calm.  I cant explain it but there's definitely something in it!  I used this book a LOT when I was ill as I really need all the help I could get to heal myself.   If you are interested Louise has written lots of other books to help people.

Other books that I found useful:



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Candida Clear is well rated on Amazon so could be worth checking out


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