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Anti Candida & Yeast Treatments

If you are sure you have a candida or yeast infection (check out Candida Tests if you are not sure) then you need to be prepared to learn as much as you can about candida so that you can start to heal yourself.  Here are the basic steps.


1. The Anti-Candida Diet
Changing your diet is a massive step for any of us and if you are feeling ill and run down then you may have been using food as a comfort.  But the first essential step to recovery is to look at your diet and work out meal plans which are based on the Anti-Candida diet.   You need to avoid all foods which feed the candida such as sugar, alcohol, starches and fruit.  Don't forget that it's not forever and there are plenty of delicious foods and recopies for you to eat instead (more about that later).  The trick is to avoid processed foods and learn to cook simple meals based on foods which heal.

> read more about the Anti Candida Diet


2. Take a good anti-candida (anti fungal) supplement
When I was ill with candida I tried many different anti-fungal supplements and I found that many of them were excellent.  You may be fortunate and only need to stick to one.  Personally I alternated different anti-fungals in a bid to kill off all the different strains of candida but I was extremely ill so you may not need to do this.  You can also buy anti-yeast compounds which are a mixture of several anti-fungal treatments which are worth considering.  I suggest that you introduce anti-fungals slowly and gradually increase the dose to the recommended level.   If you try to kill off the candida too fast you can experience 'die off' which are severe flu-like symptoms.

Here are some of the anti-fungal supplements that I found helpful.  If you are pregnant or taking other medication please seek medical advice before taking any of these supplements.

Candida Clear - combination of antifungals  

Candida Clear™ is a combination of herbal ingredients (Pau D'Arco, Black Walnut and Oregano Oil), Biotin (a B-complex vitamin) and Caprylic Acid (a naturally occurring fatty acid derived from plant oils).

These  ingredients help to support a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria and help to reduce levels of candida.

You can of course take one of the anti-fungals separately if you prefer (please see below)

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Oregano Oil

This is wild herb which is believed to be a powerful anti-fungal.  Research* suggests it kills candida and yeast.

It is recommended that you take an enteric-coated capsule if possible like this one shown.

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Caprylic Acid

A naturally occurring fatty acid also known as octanoic acid.  It is believed to reduce levels of candida.  It is also found in small quantities in coconut oil which why some candida-sufferers also take coconut milk to help fight candida.

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.


This is a plant extract containing berberine which is reported to act against bacteria and candida. 

It also helps to ease diarrhoea which can be a problem of candida.

It is available as powder, capsule or tincture (liquid) so is ideal for anyone who has trouble swallowing.

Some people take Goldenseal to treat mild food poisoning too.

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.


3. Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics
It is also essential that you help your digestive system to heal itself by taking supplements to help your digestive process and to help the 'good' bacteria in the gut to repopulate.

It is believed that many candida sufferers have low levels of digestive enzymes and in particular low stomach acid.   You may like to take a good quality digestive enzyme (1 before each meal) to see if it helps you.

You also need to take a good quality probiotic.  I take one every day now.




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* Oregano Oil and Candida Research : click here

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