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Candida & Yeast Infection Tests

Many people have to self-diagnose their candida or yeast infection.  This is a major concern as the varied symptoms mean that you could mistake another illness or condition for candida. 

On my blog I ran a survey to ask people which method of diagnosis they used to identify their candida problem.  Here are the results


Which candida test do you use?






Spit (saliva) test





Candida questionnaire




Kinesiology (muscle testing)




Vega test





Lab test - stool





Lab test - blood





Process of elimination




Didnt use a test



















I will explain some of the different testing methods for candida.  Please note that I have been unable to find reliable data to show which methods are most effective so you may want to try several methods to be on the safe side.

Candida Questionnaire
Many physicians use a candida questionnaire to determine if a patient is likely to have candida.  There are many different versions of this questionnaire available freely online.   The most comprehensive candida surveys will cover your medical history and your symptoms in details before making a diagnosis.

Candida Spit/Saliva Test
This test didn't work for me but I know others swear by it.  And as its free and easy you might as well give it a go.  Simply fill a glass with clear water and leave it by your bed overnight.  Then in the morning as soon you wake up you need to try to create some saliva in your mouth and then spit into the glass.  Don't do anything before you do the spit.  Don't brush your teeth, take a sip of water or anything!  You need to leave the water and spit to stand and keep an eye on it over the next 15 minutes.  Normal saliva may have some bubbles or foam in it so don't worry.  But if you are healthy the saliva should dissolve completely. 

But if you have candida you will see the saliva either

1. stay cloudy and possibly sink to the bottom of the glass

2. stay cloudy and disperse throughout the water

3. float on the surface but with tiny strands pointing towards the bottom of the glass

Kinesiology/Muscle Testing
This is the method I used or rather my kinesiologist used to identify my candida infection and also to pinpoint other health problems and food intolerances.  My immune system was so low I had also developed other problems and I needed to address my whole system in order to get better.  If you are interested in kinesiology you can read more on my kinesiology page.  I should add that my therapist used a slightly different approach to kinesiology than other practitioners so if you don't believe in muscle testing have a read!

Vega Testing
This method is based on electro-acupuncture to measure the flow of energy around the body.   I have tried this method but I think the accuracy depends on the machine used and the knowledge and experience of the Doctor.  Mine was useless and nervous so I was not impressed but others tell me that this method has helped them so its worth getting references before you choose a Vega Test practitioner.   This also applies to any health care professional.

Candida Lab Tests
There are blood and stool tests that can be carried out which will identify if you have high levels of the antibodies associated with candida overgrowth.  Your Doctor can order these tests for you or you can buy at home tests online.  But I have not tested these 'at home' test services so I cannot verify their accuracy.

Some people diagnosis themselves simply by process of elimination but I would recommend that you find a qualified health practitioner who can help you as the symptoms may actually be caused by something else.  If this is not possible then I suggest that you complete as many of the diagnostic methods above to determine the cause.   I wouldn't want anyone to have to do the anti-candida diet because they misdiagnosed their ailment as candida.


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Caprylic Acid by Solgar is a popular anti-fungal treatment to treat candida


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