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Contact Details

If you are feeling very low and depressed about candida and wondering if you will ever get better please feel free to get in touch but as I get inundated with emails across the world it can take a little while to reply so in the meantime please please read my FEELING LOW & DESPONDENT page

If you have any questions please check the Candida FAQs as I may already have answered it.  If not please drop me an email or visit my blog and add a comment which I will get it as an email.   I try my best to answer every single email but I get so many that sometimes it takes me a while to reply. 

I would also love to hear your stories and tips so that I can share them with others.  I will shortly be adding a page of your contributions to offer hope to others.


Email beatcandidayeastinfections@hotmail.com
Post a blog comment http://katiebeatscandida.wordpress.com
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home my approach | candida blog | anti-candida shop | contact | disclaimer

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