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Your Candida Stories

If you have beaten candida or even if you are on the road to recovery and you would like to share your story to inspire others then please get in touch.  If you prefer I will not use your full name to protect your privacy. 

Bram Novak (sent via  my Facebook)

"JUICE!!!!!. Nothing worked for me. We spent lots of money and time I was lazy and sluggish and my tongue hurt. The answer we found is to juice. Raw greens (kale, swiss chard, spinach etc.) with cucs, carrots, ginger maybe an apple. Look up juicing, if you can't beat candida with drugs (I couldn't) use food. It works and it works relatively quickly, but you should reduce (or quit) eating sugar (forever) and things your body processes into sugar such as gluten, and for me, sweetened yogurt. I don't recall how long it took for my symptoms to abate, but I think it was like a week, but I quit sugar completely. I can eat gluten again and sugar (yes a piece of chocolate cake or cheesecake or three pieces of pizza if I want) just not only that."

Philip, Bulgaria

"I cured my candida after 2 months. I did everything possible and I am 100% cured. The doctor also told me that I had a pretty mild case and I caught it quite early too.

At first I stopped eating sugar, yeast etc. I went on the anti-candida diet. I took my antifungal Kandizol - 4 pills, one each week.  I also used probiotics.  I drank a lot of herbal teas- Echinacea, Lapacho and I took colloidal silver as well.

I went to an alternative medicine man who balanced my energies. I also took oregano oil.  I also ate a lot of onions and garlic. Lots of it. Lots.

I did those things for a month and a half and now I no longer have candida, All tests turned negative. I also used Vitamin C a lot. Lemons too."

Also for more inspiration take a look at this website

Karen Tripp - how she recovered from candida






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