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Ear Infections & Candida Yeast Link

Ear infections are common in children but I never suffered when I was small.  So I was surprised as an adult when I started to get regular ear infections often in both ears at the same time.Ear infections

My physician thought the cause was either swimming or having such small ears that they block easily!  As I've had the same sized ears all my life and never had any previous problems I decided to do my own investigation!

Some ear infections are caused by bacteria entering the ear and other infections are caused by fungi.  Now this interested me as I suspected that candida was causing my recurrent ear problems although I had no idea whether it was directly causing them (i.e. did I have candida inside my ears?) or indirectly in some way.  Once I realised that the candida was probably to blame I knew the ear infections would stop once the candida was gone. 

Update!  I now believe that candida often thrives when people are suffering from 'internal dampness'.  I dont know if everyone with candida has this condition but I know that I did and I am still prone today.  I've written a post on this on my blog (click here to read it).  If you feel internal dampness could be causing your health problems and ear infections then please seek professional help from a Chinese medicine expert or do your own research.

I found that taking regular ibuprofen and holding something warm like a hot water bottle against my ear helped a bit.  But I really needed to get ear drops to beat the infection.  

In the end I was getting so many infections I kept a regular supply of ear drops in the house.  If you are suffering in the same way please keep positive as I eventually stopped this problem and I rarely get ear infections now I've free of candida.

Getting Some Relief From Ear Infections

I taught myself EFT which is free and easy to learn. I use it with all sorts of ailments and even mental issues.  You can learn yourself by following the videos on my EFT page > click to view EFT & Candida page

The only other thing that I could do while I was on the anti-candida treatment was to try to keep my ears as clean as possible.  I used special ear plugs when I went swimming and if I ever felt my ears starting to get blocked I used olive oil to clean them. Below is my tried-and-tested olive oil method.

How To Unblock Ears Naturally
All you need is a very small quantity of olive oil and time to relax.  This is a great method for helping to soften and remove any debris or wax inside the ear.  And its easy and cheap to use!  Just put some olive oil into a small plastic container and float in a cup of boiling water for a minute or so to gently warm it.  You don't want the oil to be hot so take care.  Then use a small jug or ideally a clean dropper to put a couple of drops in your ear.  Its easier if a friend does it while you lie on your side with your head as flat as possible (to let the oil drain into the ear).  Relax and let the oil stay in the ear for as long as possible.  After say 10 mins tilt your head to the opposite side and hold a tissue next to your ear to catch the oil.  You may like to rinse your ear with warm water to help remove any residue or debris.  You may need to repeat this several times over a few days to clear the ears.  




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