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One of my main aims in launching this website is to provide hope to others who are suffering. 

I remember my darkest days (and nights) when the candida infection caused me so many problems that I felt my life was being ruined and I honestly couldn't see how I was ever going to get better. It was a very depressing time. 

But now I am 100% better and people can read my story at my blog or through the pages of this site.

I want to reach out to others and I hope that YOU can help me!  I want to publish other people's stories, tips and advice.   If you are on the road to recovery from candida (yeast) and want to share your story or if you have any advice or tips please get in touch. 

I will publish your stories and tips on this site to encourage others.  If you prefer that I didn't use your full name then please let me know what name I can put.  Nicknames are fine!

Just email me at beatcandidayeastinfections@hotmail.com  or click here to use the Contact Form on my contact page.

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Candida Clear is well rated on Amazon so could be worth checking out


home my approach | candida blog | anti-candida shop | contact | disclaimer

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