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Feeling Low & Despondent due to Candida

I get a LOT of emails from candida sufferers who are feeling very negative.  They don't think they are ever going to get better, they are fed up of the limited candida diet so they don't always stick to it and they often feel like they are getting nowhere.   I felt exactly the same way and it breaks my heart to read their comments and my own past feelings come flooding back.  I genuinely never believed I would be able to eat whatever I want but I can.  I used to despair of all the food in the supermarket that I could not eat.  It was a dark and depressing time in my life.  So I really want to help others to get through it.  Here are some pointers and tips.

1.  Seek professional medical advice.  If you can't find a doctor who will help you then try qualified and experienced holistic therapists.  Ask friends and family for recommendations. 

2. You have to keep positive.  These things are sent to try us I think.  I know its almost impossible but you need to know that  your subconscious believes everything you think and say.  And (this is the important bit) it doesn't matter if you believe it yourself!!  I don't know how this works but if you repeat positive statements either out loud or in your mind over and over again your subconscious will start to believe it is true.   Keep telling yourself that you are healthy, happy and your candida is very low and eventually it will be true.  Yes I know you are probably rolling your eyes but it does works.   Go to my Positive Thinking & Affirmations page to learn more.  Please view the video clip.  I have read a lot on the subject and every negative thought has an effect on the cells in your body so you really have to train yourself to think positive thoughts.  Put it this way - the more you worry and tell yourself that the candida is ruining your life, you are never going to get better, you hate the food you have to eat, etc, etc the more the candida thrives!  It loves negative thoughts and I think it can actually make you more anxious so don't let it!  Plus understanding and using the power of thought is very useful in all parts of life, believe me!

3. Consider EFT (emotional freedom technique).  I use this a lot to reduce or get rid of health problems.  I have no idea how it works but it does.  Its free and takes a few minutes to learn the Basic Recipe technique.  You simply tap different parts of your body while repeating a phrase.  I found tapping for the root causes helpful e.g.  frustration, stress, working too hard.  It isnt an instant cure sort of therapy but persevere and try different phrases. > visit my EFT for Candida page and watch the videos to make up your own mind!

3. Look after yourself with fresh air and relaxation   I discovered the power of healing and reiki by attending courses but did you know you can do healing on yourself?  I do it all the time now even to help me get to sleep!  > How To Do Healing

4. You must keep to the diet otherwise you are just feeding the candida.  I always get asked 'did you stick to to the diet?'.   Simple answer 'Yes!  I wanted to get better'.  It drives me nuts when people ask if they really need to stick to the diet.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Now I know its hard but the trick is to plan meals ahead so that you have variety and try to experiment with new foods.  We all have our weaknesses and its important to plan around yours.  For me, I love to snack so I made snacks I could eat all day.  I've written pages on what to eat, how to cheat and what to avoid so please read Anti Candida Diet pages.  Having candida forced me to learn how to cook properly and I found new foods that I enjoyed and I still eat today.

5 Make sure you are taking a good anti-fungal and ideally rotate several so the candida doesn't get used to one.

6. Take a good probiotic ideally one with billions of different types of probiotics to get the most from the supplement.

7.  I always ask angels for help.  It doesn't matter what religion you follow or even if you don't believe.  I think we all have guardian angels and they are there to help us.  Just ask them for help, courage, whatever you need and always thank them afterwards.  They will always try their best to help but don't be rude to them if their help doesn't appear immediately.  Of course if you don't want to do this but you still want help then email me but I don't have any special angelic powers sadly!

8.  If the above doesn't work then either you don't have candida or you have an underlying problem which is creating an ideal environment for the candida to thrive.  Either way you need to turn detective to work out the solution.  I always recommend finding a qualified medical expert to help you.  I personally have used doctors and qualified holistic therapists in my quest for good health and I wouldn't have achieved my full recovery without their assistance.


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