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How To Do Healing

I firmly believe that we can all do healing on ourselves to help ease physical and mental suffering, boost energy levels, aid relaxation or simply to help us to drift off into a deep sleep at night.

You don't need to attend a course, be religious or be 'attuned' in any way.  There are people who will disagree with me especially those who charge for reiki or healing courses or those who have spent a lot of money learning to do healing.  Well I've done the courses and I know there are different ways of tapping into the Universal Energy and you don't need to pay to do it!

I use self healing each night to help me to sleep.  When I had candida I suffered from stomach aches a lot especially at night so I used self healing to ease the ache and send me off to sleep.

Here is my own simple step-by-step guide to doing healing on yourself.  There are different ways so pick a way which works best for you.  Don't worry if you find it hard to imagine or feel silly.  Just keep going and remember practise makes perfect! 

Please let me know how you get on and if you can share your own tips or success stories that would be great!

How To Do Self Healing
1.  Find a quiet warm place where you won't be disturbed.  Turn off your cell phone.
2.  You need to be able to relax so choose a comfy chair or lie down. 
3.  To help you to relax you may wish to place some relaxing background music quietly and loosen any tight clothing.  Take off your shoes.
4.  I always like to light a candle unless I am using healing to go to sleep of course! It is believed that candles help to draw angels nearer but if you don't believe in angels then don't worry as healing will still work.   You may also like to light some incense to help create a relaxing atmosphere.
5.  Now close your eyes and take some slow deep breaths.  You need to be able to relax.  I like to focus on breathing in 'love and health' and breathing out all my problems and worries.  Next choose one of the following options or you can do both!
Option 1.  Now image a pillar or column of white light coming down from the ceiling or sky.  This light is Universal Energy and it  is very bright and has healing powers.  Imagine the light entering your the top of your head and gently and slowly filling your entire body with bright white healing light energy.  Don't worry if you find it hard to imagine or feel silly.  Just keep going.  Imagine your entire body filled with this wonderful healing energy.  I often say something like 'my entire body is now filled with healing energy to dissolve any illnesses or energy blocks'.  Sometimes I can almost sense the white light, other times I just imagine it.
Option 2. If I'm tired or short on time I simply ask 'Please can I channel healing energy into my body to get rid of (insert problem e.g. stomach ache) '.  Then I simply place my hands on the affected area e.g. stomach and I imagine healing energy coming down into my shoulders, down my arms and through my hands into the part of my body which is affected.  At first I was never sure it was working but now I can feel my hands tingly and getting really warm as soon as I start to ask.  Sometimes the energy coming through feels quite strong, other times I cant sense the energy but I'm sure it is coming through.
There are lots of ways of doing healing on yourself so if you have a favourite way which works for you please let me know so that I can share it with everyone.
If you don't feel or sense anything working don't worry as you may not be able to sense healing energy.  Some people can and some can't but it doesn't mean it isn't working.

Final tip - don't forget to try EFT which is another form of healing which is free to learn! Go to EFT page

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