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Positive Thinking, Affirmations & Candida

When I was very ill with candida I started to read about why the body gets ill.  I found several books very interesting and I started to understand the link between what we think and our health.  If this is a new area for you then you might like to buy or borrow a copy of Dr David Hamilton's Its The Thought That Counts.  His theory that every single thing we think has an effect on the cells in our body really stopped me in my tracks.  If you cant find it in your local bookstore there's a link on the right.


Once I had understood the power of thought patterns I was hooked!  If my negative thoughts had contributed to my ill health could I use my thoughts to get better?  (If you are unfamiliar with me or my blog that my negative thoughts were caused by work-place stress and bullying).  I knew I had to stop and address my attitude and thought patterns.


Around the same time I was introduced to the inspirational work of Louise Hay.  Louise cured herself from terminal cancer as a young woman and at the time of writing this website Louise is a fit and healthy lady in her 80s.  Louise also believes strongly in the power of thoughts and attitudes.  I was lucky enough to be given a copy of Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life.   This inspiring book guides you through Louise's philosophy and it has changed my life!  If you scroll down you can view an interview with Louise Hay which explains her approach.  Please take time to view it.

At the back of the book are many affirmations (i.e. positive statements).  I often read through some of these randomly and if I say them quietly aloud I find them soothing.  Its really strange but they do seem to work.  They are believed to program the subconscious mind.  Louise has created affirmations for a wide range of ailments.  You can also make up your own affirmations.  It may seem strange when you first start but I suggest you keep going and see what you think.  Here are the basic principles:

1.  Keep the statement positive and in the present tense even if its not true (yet)  e.g. I am happy and healthy
2. Some people suggest repeating your affirmation(s) to yourself in the mirror.
3. Try different phrases to see which ones seem to resonate best for you.
4. Practise your affirmations regularly.  I usually do mine first thing in the morning in the mirror and last thing at night as I'm falling asleep.


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