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Natural Balance : Vital to Beating Candida & Yeast

One of the most important steps that I took to beat candida was to learn how to regain my natural health balance.  

It seemed to me that my body was so far out of balance that I had all sorts of ailments including the candida.

I knew my symptoms had been getting worse over quite a long time and I guessed that the roots of the problem has begun long before I noticed the symptoms.   Personally I believe a bout of serious food poisoning coupled with some strong feelings of frustration in my personal life had started the decline in my health. 

relax and boost your immune system

As time went on you could add other issues into the mix including severe work stress, lack of fresh air and exercise, eating the wrong foods.... the list was endless.

To try to regain my natural health balance I tried many different types of complementary therapies.   I also joined a meditation class which I love.  It has opened up a whole new spiritual world for me.

I firmly believe that complementary therapies can help the body to heal itself.  Of course you do need to find trained and experienced therapists so its worth asking locally for recommendations.

Here are some of the treatments that I tried and found useful.

Reiki / Energy Healing
There are many people who offer different types of energy healing.  Some also use crystals.   I have experienced many different types and I think they are all basically very similar.  I think its vital though to find someone who really knows their stuff.  You may have energy blocks which are causing you problems and a competent energy healer can remove these blocks.   The treatment is also very relaxing and good for boosting energy levels.  If you can't afford to visit a professional healer then you can try my tips for doing healing on yourself. > How To Heal

If you have been following my blog you will know that the first acupuncturist I tried was useless.  She had been recommended by several people but it turned out that they had never tried anyone else so didn't know any better!  Suffice to say I eventually found someone who is very good and I had immediately results.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This is a free easy-to-learn technique which is used around the world for alleviating all manner of ailments, reducing symptoms and easing phobias.  I've no idea how it works but it works really well for me.  They call it an emotional version of acupuncture.  It involves repeating a phrase while tapping various parts of the body in a specific order.  > read more at my Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) page

Aromatherapy Massage
I work at a computer most of the day like many people and I find I store tension in my shoulders and back.  In fact my shoulders are aching as I'm typing this!  Regular massage does help and can be very good at alleviating stress. 

You can choose oils which are beneficial for the immune system.

Aromatherapy Oils
I have researched the benefits of essential oils and there are several which can help with candida related problems.  If you are pregnant you need to take advice before using them.  Lavender and tea tree have anti-bacterial properties.  I add a few drops of each to a small quantity of oil e.g. sweet almond oil or milk and mix it with my bath water.  Lavender also promotes a good sleep so its nice to use before bed time.

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